I Built a Desk

I realized that I had been complacently tolerating my crappy, flimsy desk that I bought from Walmart 5 years ago, which I never liked. For one, it had a glass top, which meant it was always filthy. Secondly, it had a sliding keyboard tray, which meant that every time I was playing a video game for instance, and moving the mouse around trying to aim at people's heads, the whole tray would be wobbling and squeaking. The older it got, the more it wobbled and squeaked...

So I finally got fed up and decided to build my own computer desk! (Click to enlarge.)

It's not much to look at, and my father would probably be ashamed at my lack of woodworking skills, (something he's quite good at,) but it gets the job done! I just went to the nearest Home Depot and had some studs and some 3/4" plywood chopped up, and screwed it all together with beige deck screws. Then I spent two days putting polyurethane on the top. I hate polyurethane. It stinks and it takes forever to dry. And it smells bad, too. I'm... just gonna' go take a nap... right over here... *collapses dead from fume inhalation*

By some miracle, it actually turned out square and level. And it's solid as can be. No more wobbling or squeaking!

Here's the Visio diagram of this desk: desk.vsd (68.00 kb)

Here's the PDF for those of you with no Visio viewer: desk.pdf (100.35 kb)

And lastly, if you're interested in what's in that beastly server cabinet on the left, refer to this post.

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Put some duct tape along the edge so it won't rip up your wrists.  Laughing

I haven't had that problem... I sanded and polyurethaned everything, so the edges are pretty smooth!

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