My Entry for the Advanced Event #4 of the 2013 Scripting Games

We're on the downhill stretch now. Honestly I'm kind of glad.  These scripts are fun to write, and great practice, but it's work.  I can tell that I'm not the only one loosing steam, as the number of votes on other people's entries has gone way down.  Anyway, about the script I wrote: I like that the #Requires -Modules statement at the top automatically loads the AD module for you if it's not already loaded. I still didn't do the BEGIN/PROCESS/END blocks this time either, which I fail to see how it matters at all, since I'm not dealing with pipeline input... but I'm sure I'll still get crowd scores of 1 and 2 stars for it.  That and dudes with 640x480 monitors going "some of your code goes off the screen why don't you splat!?"  :P

#Requires -Version 3
#Requires -Modules ActiveDirectory
Function Get-RandomADUser
    Retrieves random users from Active Directory and generates an HTML report.
    Retrieves random users from Active Directory, generates an HTML report,
    and then returns the users to the pipeline. 
    Use the -Verbose switch if you want to see console output.
    This Cmdlet requires PS 3 and the Active Directory module. The AD module
    will be loaded automatically if it isn't already.
    The number of random users to get from Active Directory. Minimum is 1,
    maximum is Int16.MaxValue (32767) and the default is 20.
    The filename to write the HTML report to. The filename must end in
    html or htm. The default is .\RandomADUsers.html.
    Gets 20 random users from AD, outputs a report to .\RandomADUsers.html.
    Get-RandomADUser -Count 100 -Filename C:\reports\rpt.html.
    Gets 100 random users from AD, outputs a report to C:\reports\rpt.html.
            [ValidateRange(1, [Int16]::MaxValue)]
            [Int16]$Count = 20,
            [ValidateScript({($_.ToLower().Split('.')[-1] -EQ "html" -OR $_.ToLower().Split('.')[-1] -EQ "htm") -AND (Test-Path -IsValid $_)})]
            [String]$Filename = ".\RandomADUsers.html") 
        Write-Verbose "Retrieving users from Active Directory..."
        $Users = Get-ADUser -Filter * -Properties Department, Title, LastLogonDate, PasswordLastSet, Enabled, LockedOut -ErrorAction Stop | Get-Random -Count $Count
        Write-Verbose "$($Users.Count) users retrieved from Active Directory."
        Write-Error "Unable to retrieve users from Active Directory: $($_.Exception.Message)"
        Write-Verbose "Generating report $Filename..."
        $Header = @'
        <title>Random Active Directory User Audit</title>
            <style type=""text/css"">
                    TABLE { border-width: 1px; border-style: solid;  border-color: black; }
                    TD    { border-width: 1px; border-style: dotted; border-color: black; }
        $Pre  = "<p><h2>Random Active Directory User Audit for $Env:USERDNSDOMAIN</h2></p>"
        $Post = "<hr><p style=`"font-size: 10px; font-style: italic;`">This report was generated on $(Get-Date)</p>"
        $Users | ConvertTo-HTML -Property SamAccountName, Department, Title, LastLogonDate, PasswordLastSet, Enabled, LockedOut -Head $Header -PreContent $Pre -PostContent $Post | Out-File $Filename     
        Return $Users
        Write-Error "Unable to generate report: $($_.Exception.Message)"
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