notdd v1.0

[Update: I renamed the program to be more unique.]

Hi again,

I started writing boot loaders in x86 assembly the other day, and I needed something that was capable of writing to the first sector of a storage device in order to test my creations.  I searched around the web, downloaded some old image burning software like it was 1999 all over again, and promptly got myself a malware/adware infection.  This pissed me right off, so after reinstalling my OS, I immediately set out to write my own.

notdd is what I came up with.

If you've ever wanted the complete, unbridled freedom of $&#%ing up your storage media on your own terms, then have I got the program for you!

And it also works for planting a custom boot sector on a disk.

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What about the unix classic: dd ? should be available on windows.

Sure, but if I don't reinvent the wheel, I don't learn anything! Smile

I know there are plenty of tools that do the job, but I wanted to do it myself as a learning experience.

Thanks for stopping by!

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